Corporation Bank Balance Enquiry by SMS and Missed Call

Corporation Bank has a history of 111 years when it comes to dealing with the customers as the bank was set up in March 1906. At present, the branch has over 2440 Automated CBS branches along with 4723 mobile banking units and 3040 ATM. The bank also has its branch in Hong Kong and Dubai to help the NRI customers.  It should also be noted that the bank is owned by the government of India and hence the reliability of the bank can’t be questioned.

Corporation bank is updating itself with technology and the bank has also started providing the SMS banking along with the facility to check the balance through a missed call. Below is the process to check the balance of your account in Corporation Bank through SMS banking and through the missed call. Before you proceed, you should know that you will only be able to check the balance through these procedures if you have your mobile number registered with the bank.

Checking Balance through Missed Call

Corporation Bank Balance Enquiry by SMS

To check the balance though missed call, you may go ahead and give a call on 09268892688. The call will automatically be disconnected after a couple of rings and you will receive the details of the balance through a standard text message.

Checking Balance through SMS

To check the balance in your account through SMS, you need to type CBAL and you need to send 9243717778. Within a couple of minutes, you will receive your updated balance on your mobile through SMS. For this, the SMS banking should also be active and the same can be done by sending ACTIVATE <MPIN><Last 6 Digits of Account Number>

These two ways are quicker than checking the balance through net banking. If you have not registered the mobile number with the bank then you may go ahead and register your mobile number so as to avail the full benefits of the services provided by the bank.